Mobility Management

What is Mobility Management? To effectively communicate public transportation options through outreach so people have the resources to consider the different choices in getting around North Central Connecticut.

The Way To Go CT Mobility Management Program is sponsored by Federal New Freedom Funds and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The program is overseen by Amplify.

Accessible transportation benefits our personal lives.

  • Most of our daily activities take place outside our home. Because of this, transportation touches every part of our lives and without transportation there are many activities we could not take part in.

Transportation also benefits others in the community like:

  • Public agencies, such as human service and workforce development agencies. Transportation is what connects these agencies and the people they serve. If people can’t get to the agencies, they can’t access their services, and the agencies cannot fulfill their mission to provide life-enhancing services.
  • Transportation impacts private businesses, educational institutions, and health care services.
  • It impacts the community at large.

Mobility is important for many reasons:
A more mobile workforce with access to training and job sites attracts more employers to a community; a healthier population with access to preventive and follow-up care can help reduce health care costs; older adults and people with disabilities who can travel independently to work, shopping, and social events which will help them experience a higher quality of life.

The services provided by Way To Go CT include outreach to persons with disabilities via social service agencies, churches, senior centers, homeless shelters, radio and public television broadcasts. Our paper resource guides like our website (for persons who do not have access to our website) includes transportation options for each town in north central Connecticut and include information on transportation options, schedules, travel training, taxi voucher programs, Dial-A-Ride, public and private transit and CT Fasttrak updates.

We have established a call center and survey users to find out about overlapping services and gaps in service. We want to identify the customers’ needs and help people navigate the system.

We hope to receive input from transit operators, social services agencies, non-profit agencies and of course the public which we will serve. This information will then be shared with the DOT.

Ombudsman service are available to represent the interests and act as an advocate for individuals who have transportation mobility needs and issues.

Our Steering Committee is an advisory committee that provides feedback on program focus, guidance & funding opportunities. If you have any interest in participating them please contact Annette Diaz at

Mobility Management is about moving people not vehicles and our goal is to help people consider the different options in getting around North Central Connecticut, to help overcome transportation barriers and to find out the Way To Go.

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