Our goal is to help senior citizens and people with disabilities navigate transportation options by creating a point of access for all services available in the north central region of Connecticut.

Accessible transportation benefits our personal lives. Most of our daily activities take place outside our home. Because of this, transportation touches every part of our lives and without transportation there are many activities we could not take part in. Transportation also benefits others in the community like public agencies, such as human service and workforce development agencies. Transportation is what connects these agencies and the people they serve. If people can’t get to the agencies, they can’t access their services, and the agencies cannot fulfill their mission to provide life-enhancing services. Transportation impacts private businesses, educational institutions, health care services, IT IMPACTS THE COMMUNITY AT LARGE!

We hope this information will help you navigate the transportation system to make an IMPACT ON THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE!

Way To Go CT and ​Amplify


Amplify  is one of five regional mental health boards established by the Connecticut (CT) General Assembly in 1974 to study local needs, evaluate state funded mental health programs and make recommendations to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), local providers, and government officials for improved and/or expanded services. NCRMHB seeks to involve consumers of behavioral health services (local citizens living with mental health or substance use disorders, family members, and others who know and care about them) in its review, evaluation, and advocacy activities.

Way To Go CT & ​Amplify

Mobility Manager
178 Oakwood Drive
Glastonbury, CT 06044
Phone: (860) 667-6388

Regional Mobility Guides

Five guides for the 36 towns in north central Connecticut have been created and can be downloaded or viewed on this website. Each town’s social service agency has a hard copy available for viewing. If you would like to receive a hardcopy please click to donate button below and make a $5.00 donation to off-set the printing costs or call the Mobility Manager at Phone: (860) 667-6388

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